Terms and Conditions

Article 1 Purpose

  1. This Terms of Use shall stipulate the terms and conditions for providing RaCoupon and the related services (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") by Rakuten Group, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") to members who have registered as members (hereinafter referred to as "Members") under the Rakuten Membership Rules (hereinafter referred to as the "Membership Agreement").
  2. Rules, guidelines etc. otherwise specified by the Company (hereinafter referred to as "guidelines etc.") and the Membership Agreement shall be applied to matters regarding the Services not stipulated in this Terms of Use.

Article 2 RaCoupon

  1. Coupons provided by the Company in the Services (hereinafter referred to as "Coupons") shall be of the three types specified below.
    (1) Service Coupons - Coupons issued by the Company, which can be used at the Rakuten Ichiba Mall and websites designated by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the "designated websites").
    (2) Manufacturer Coupons - Coupons issued by the Company according to the designation by a third party and can be used on the designated websites.
    (3) Shop Coupons – Coupons issued by third parties designated by the Company (including, but not limited to, tenants of the Rakuten Ichiba Mall and accommodation facilities registered in Rakuten Travel) to Members through the system provided by the Company, and which are able to be used on the designated websites.
  2. The Company shall separately determine for each Coupon the conditions for granting Coupons, the content of Services that Members can receive with Coupons, the valid period of Coupons, conditions of use and other conditions. However, for Shop Coupons, shops shall specify these conditions within the scope approved by the Company. Members shall use Coupons after confirming these conditions each time of receipt.
  3. When Members satisfy the granting conditions prescribed for each Coupon, the Company (or shops in the case of Shop Coupons) shall grant Coupons to Members.
  4. When the Company (the Company or shops in the case of Shop Coupons) designates Coupons acquisition methhod, including clicking at a given website, inputting URLs and others, Members shall follow the predetermined procedures to acquire Coupons.
  5. Members are able to use Coupons in the manner prescribed by the Company when the conditions of use specified by the Company (the Company or shops in the case of Shop Coupons) are satisfied.

Article 3 Management of Coupons

  1. The Company shall announce to Members the number and content etc. of Coupons held by Members in the prescribed method.
  2. The final decision on the number and content of Coupons in Paragraph 1 shall be made by the Company, and Members shall follow such decision.
  3. If Members have doubts about the conditions for granting Shop Coupons, content (conditions of use, content of services that Members can receive with Coupons, valid period, and other various conditions), and the number of Coupons held, they shall be verified by the shops issuing the relevant Coupons.

Article 4 Prohibitions on Transfer of Coupons

  1. Members may not transfer to third parties or pledge Coupons they hold or share Coupons among Members.
  2. A member with multiple membership registration may not transfer Coupons owned in one membership registration to another, or total such Coupons.

Article 5 Cancellation or Extinguishment of Coupons

  1. When the Company judges that Members fall under any of the following, the Company may cancel part or all of Coupons held by Members without prior notification.
    (1) If, after Coupons are granted, it becomes clear to the Company that Members do not satisfy the conditions for granting of Coupons.
    (2) In the event that Members conduct illegal acts or misconduct.
    (3) In case where Members violate these Terms of Use, Membership Agreement or other terms or rules etc. established by the Company.
    (4) Otherwise the Company deems it appropriate to cancel Coupons granted to Members.
  2. Unless Members use Coupons during the valid period defined for each Coupon, Coupons shall be automatically expire.
  3. The Company shall not be responsible for Coupons canceled or expired, including reissuance, compensation for damages or others under any name or method.

Article 6 Use of Coupons for Settlement

  1. In accordance with the conditions of use for Coupons held by Members, Members may apply Coupons to all or part of the payment of the price of goods or services (including shipping fees, commission and consumption taxes, the same applies hereinafter) (hereinafter referred to as "Settlement") on the designated websites in the method as prescribed by the Company.
  2. The Company (the Company or shops in the case of Shop Coupons) may restrict services or products, etc. to which Coupons may be applied as described in the preceding paragraph, or set conditions on the use of Coupons.
  3. Members, after completing Settlement without using Coupons, cannot subsequently request the Company, shops or counterparty to the transaction to use Coupons.
  4. In the event that Members wish to cancel use of Coupons, or cancel or change transactions settled with Coupons, they shall resolve the cancelation or the change directly with counterparty to the transaction. The Company will not return or reissue Coupons, or refund the amount paid with Coupons. If there are separate provisions stipulating the content of and conditions of use for Coupons, these provisions shall be complied with.
  5. When using Coupons for Settlement, even if the amount of discount and other benefits entitled with Coupons exceeds the settlement price, Members shall not request the Company, shops or counterparties to the transaction to refund the difference between Coupons and the settlement price (irrespective of whether it is in cash, points, coupons and any other medium), or to provide extra goods or services.

Article 7 Use of Coupons for Purposes Other Than Settlement

  1. In addition to use of Coupons in Settlement as prescribed in the preceding Article, Members are able to use Coupons in accordance with the content of Coupons and entitled to gifts and services, application for lotteries and other priviledges (collectively referred to as the "Priviledges") in exchange.
  2. The Company (or shops in the case of Shop Coupons) shall decide the type, content and other conditions of the Priviledges for each Coupon.
  3. Priviledges may be sometimes provided by affiliated companies entrusted by the Company (or shops in the case of Shop Coupons) (hereinafter referred to as the "Affiliated Companies"). In this case, conditions of use of the Priviledges may be subject to the terms of use and other conditions of the Affiliated Companies. The Company or shops shall undertake no guarantees for quality or utility, etc. of the Priviledges.
  4. The Priviledges entitled with Shop Coupons shall be specified by shops. The Company shall undertake no guarantees for quality or utility, etc. of the Priviledges. If Members are in doubt about the Priviledges entitled with Shop Coupons, they shall be resolved directly with shops.
  5. The Company (the Company or shops in the case of Shop Coupons) may change the content of the Priviledges entitled with Coupons. The Company also may not offer the Priviledges entitled with Coupons due to out of stock, dissolution of partnerships with Affiliated Companies or other reasons.
  6. The Company shall bear no responsibility and will not make compensation for any disadvantages incurred by Members in the preceding three paragraphs.
  7. Members shall not request return of the Priviledges or exchange for other Priviledges unless the Company (the Company or shops in the case of Shop Coupons) or Affiliated Companies is to be held responsible.

Article 8 Accidents, etc.

  1. In the event that products purchased with Coupons or the Priviledges are lost, stolen, damaged, broken during or after delivery, or delivery is delayed, the Company shall not bear any responsibility or return Coupons unless these accidents arise due to intention or gloss negligence by the Company.

Article 9 Cancelation of Coupons After Use

  1. If Coupons are canceled in accordance with Article 5, Paragraph 1 or 2 after Members have used them in Settlement, transactions which are objects of Settlement may be canceled or reserved. If the transactions have been or are to be executed, Members shall pay the shortfall caused by the cancelation of Coupons to the Company (shops in the case of Shop Coupons) immediately in cash or in the method specified by the Company.
  2. If Coupons are canceled in accordance with Article 5, Paragraph 1 or 2 after they have been used to exchange for the Priviledges provided for in Article 7, Members' application for exchange for the Priviledges shall be canceled. If Members have already received the Priviledges, they shall immediately return the Priviledges or pay the Priviledges equivalent amount to the Company (or shops in the case of Shop Coupons).

Article 10 Prohibition on Cashing Coupons

  1. Members may not cash Coupons in any circumstances.

Article 11 Use of Coupons by Third Parties

  1. Coupons held by Members may only be used by that Members, and not by a third party.
  2. If user IDs and passwords entered when using Coupons are confirmed to be identical to the registered user IDs and passwords in a manner prescribed by the Company, the Company shall deem it Members' use of Coupons. Even if it is used illegally by a third party, the Company shall not return Coupons and shall not be held responsible for any losses incurred by Members.

Article 12 Taxes and Expenses

  1. Members are responsible for taxes and incidental expenses incurred as a result of acquisition, use and exhange for the Priviledges of Coupons.

Article 13 Loss and Suspension of Membership Qualification

  1. In the event that Members lose membership qualification, all Coupons held by Members shall be expired, as well as the right to use Coupons for Settlement, the right to exchange Coupons for the Priviledges, and all other rights associated with use of the Services. The Company shall undertake no responsibility for damage due to the loss of membership qualification by Members, and Members shall have no right to claim against the Company in association with the loss of membership qualification.

Article 14 Exemptions

  1. The Company will do its best to operate the Services on the basis of the state of technology at that time , however it shall not guarantee that the Services are free of problems. The Company shall not be liable for interruptions, delays, suspension of systems due to failure of communications circuits and computers etc., data loss, problems with use of Coupons and damages due to unauthorized access of data, and any other damages incurred by Members in relation to the Services.
  2. Shop Coupons are coupons issued by shops. The Company has no concern with the content and condition of use of Shop Coupons and shall undertake no responsibility for losses sustained by Members due to the use of Shop Coupons or inability to use Shop Coupons.

Article 15 Changes in the Services

  1. The Company may change Terms of Use, guidelines, etc., the content of the Services or the conditions of provision of the Services, or terminate or suspend the Services without prior notice to Members (including, but not limited to, abolition of Coupons, suspension of use of Coupons, suspension of issuing Coupons, and change in Coupons content, and changes of the designated websites), which Members shall accept in advance.
  2. The Company shall undertake no responsibility for any disadvantage or loss incurred by Members due to changes, termination or suspension as noted in the preceding paragraph.

Established on September 16th, 2010

*This English version of Terms and Conditions is provided for reference purpose only. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the Japanese and English versions, the Japanese version shall prevail.

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